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Solder ability Analysis

S912ZVMC12F3MKH test report

Date:2021-03-24 13:30:14 Views:617 Author:创芯在线检测中心

Device Description:

The MC9S12ZVM-Family is an automotive 16-bit microcontroller family using the NVM + UHV technology that offers the capability to integrate 40 V analog components. This family reuses many features from the existing S12/S12X portfolio. The particular differentiating features of this family are the enhanced S12Z core, the combination of dual-ADC synchronized with PWM generation and the integration of “high-voltage” analog modules, including the voltage regulator (VREG), Gate Drive Unit (GDU) and a Local Interconnect Network (LIN) physical layer. These features enable a fully integrated single chip solution to drive up to 6 external power MOSFETs for BLDC or PMSM motor drive applications.