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Failure analysis

ap3211ktr-g1 Failure analysis Repoet

Date:2024-02-29 16:18:34 Views:530 Author:CHUANGXIN ONLINE TESTING LAB

External Visual Inspection Result: External Visual Inspection on 5PCS samples(F1-F5), No obvious abnormality was found. Electrical characteristic analysis Result: Electrical characteristics analysis 5 PCS samples(F1-F5),No obvious abnormality was found in the failed product F1-F4.Electric leakage between PIN6(SW)-PIN2(GND) of invalid sample F5, short circuit between PIN5(IN)-PIN6(SW). X-ray Result: X-ray Inspection on 5 PCS samples(F1-F5).No structure or bonding wire abnormal was found. Internal Visual Inspection: Internal Visual Inspection was verified on 2PCS (F1,F5) samples. No abnormality was found on the Die surface of F1.EOS damage was found on Die surface of invalid F5. To sum up, the test analysis shows that the failure of F5 is caused by EOS damage caused by overelectric stress.No obvious abnormality was found in the failed product F1-F4.