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What conditions are required for PCB welding environment?

Date:2022-11-18 14:26:35 Views:96

When PCBA is welded, there are usually many requirements for PCBA plates, and the plates must meet the requirements before they can be welded. The application of special processes immediately brings about the requirements for PCB boards. If PCB boards have problems, it will increase the difficulty of PCBA welding process, which may eventually lead to welding defects, unqualified boards, etc. Welding is a very important process in PCB proofing. What are the requirements for PCB welding environment?


Requirements for PCB PCB welding

1. The weldment has good weldability

The so-called solderability refers to the performance of the alloy that can form a good combination between the metal material to be welded and the soldering tin at an appropriate temperature. Not all metals have good weldability. In order to improve solderability, measures such as surface tin plating and silver plating can be taken to prevent material surface oxidation.

2. Keep the surface of weldment clean

In order to achieve a good combination of solder and weldment, the welding surface must be kept clean. Even weldments with good weldability may produce oxide film and oil stain harmful to infiltration on the surface of weldments due to storage or contamination. The dirty film must be removed before welding, otherwise the welding quality cannot be guaranteed.

3. Use a suitable flux

The function of the flux is to remove the oxide film on the surface of the weldment. Different fluxes should be selected for different welding processes. When welding precision electronic products such as printed circuit boards, rosin based flux is usually used to ensure reliable and stable welding.

4. The weldment shall be heated to proper temperature

Welding temperature is too low, which is unfavorable to the penetration of solder atoms and can not form alloy, so it is very easy to form faulty welding; If the welding temperature is too high, the solder will be in the non eutectic state, accelerating the decomposition and volatilization of the flux, reducing the quality of the solder, and in serious cases, the solder pad on the printed circuit board will fall off.

5. Suitable welding time

Welding time refers to the time required for physical and chemical changes in the whole welding process. When the welding temperature is determined, the appropriate welding time shall be determined according to the shape, nature and characteristics of the weldment. Too long welding time, easily damaged components or welding parts; If it is too short, the welding requirements cannot be met. Generally, each welding point shall be welded for a maximum time of 5s.

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