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What is UV testing? General inspection standard and process of UV test

Date:2021-07-29 14:24:15 Views:12794

What does UV testing mean? Ultraviolet ray, abbreviated as UV, is translated into Chinese: ultraviolet. Anti UV test is "anti ultraviolet aging test". Ultraviolet will lead to aging of equipment shell. Equipment exposed outdoors usually needs to be tested. It mainly imitates the natural sunlight environment and reproduces the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew. The equipment carries out the test by exposing the material to be tested to the controlled interactive cycle of sunlight and moisture and increasing the temperature at the same time.It is mostly used in the aging test of non-metallic materials, sunlight resistance and artificial light source,It is used to evaluate the changes of materials in color change, gloss, crack, foaming, catalysis, oxidation, etc. This method is effective because short wave ultraviolet light is the main factor causing the aging of outdoor materials.

If the product is only exposed to the direct sunlight outdoors, the maximum exposure time of the product in a day is a few hours. Thus, the most severe exposure occurs only in the hottest weeks of summer. The ultraviolet aging test box can accelerate the test aging process of products. Through program control, the equipment can expose the products to the light environment equivalent to the sunlight at noon in summer 24 hours a day. The exposure is much higher than outdoor exposure in terms of average light intensity and light / days. Therefore, the test results can be accelerated.

UV UV aging test can simulate the fluorescent UV lamp with UV spectrum in the best sunlight, and combined with temperature control, moisture supply and other devices to simulate the discoloration, brightness and intensity decline of materials; Cracking, peeling, pulverization, oxidation and other damage factors such as high temperature, high humidity, condensation, dark cycle of sunlight (UV section). At the same time, through the synergistic effect between UV and moisture, the light resistance or moisture resistance of materials are weakened or invalid, so it is widely used to evaluate the weather resistance of materials The equipment has the characteristics of providing the best sunlight UV simulation, low use and maintenance cost and easy to use. The equipment adopts program controller to automatically run the test cycle, with high degree of automation, good lighting stability and high recurrence rate of test results.


UV test common UV lamp types

Each lamp type used in UV test is different in the total ultraviolet emission energy and wavelength spectrum. Fluorescent ultraviolet lamps are usually divided into UVA and UVB lamps, depending on the range of their main output areas.

UVA-340 simulates the ultraviolet part in sunlight and is mainly used for the light aging test of outdoor products;

UVA-351 simulates the ultraviolet part of sunlight passing through window glass, which is mainly used for the light aging test of indoor products;

Uvb-313el: it is widely used in the rapid and economical test of durability materials, which will accelerate the aging of materials and sometimes lead to abnormal results. The use must be approved by the customer.

Test method:

Irradiance: 0.89w/m; Wavelength: 340nm; Exposure period: (60 ± 3 ℃) UV irradiation for 8h under the temperature of black panel;

(50 ± 3 ℃) condense for 4H at the temperature of black panel;

Duration: 100 hours;

One part of the sample is coated with aluminum foil and the other part is exposed. After the test, compare the wrapped part with the exposed part and evaluate the gray card grade.

Result judgment:

Visual inspection (visual inspection, color difference, gray card, etc.).

The UV aging test can evaluate the ability of the product to withstand solar radiation and effects without shielding outdoors. Test parameters: temperature, humidity, lamp type, wavelength, radiation intensity, light dark cycle and duration. Since there are many standards for UV aging test, many of which are specific to a specific product, we have extended and summarized some general standards for your reference:

Some general standards for UV test and UV aging test

ISO 4892-3 plastics - laboratory light source exposure test methods - Part 3: fluorescent ultraviolet lamps

GBT 16422.3 plastics laboratory light source exposure test method Part 3 fluorescent ultraviolet lamp

ASTM g-151 Standard Test Method for exposure of nonmetallic materials to accelerated test equipment using laboratory light sources

ASTM g-154 Standard Test Method for exposure of nonmetallic materials to ultraviolet light of fluorescent equipment

British Standard BS 2782: Part 5: method 540B (exposure method of laboratory light source)

SAE j2020 accelerated exposure test of automotive exterior trim with fluorescent UV / condensation equipment

ASTM d4587 cycle 4 Practice for fluorescent ultraviolet condensation exposure of coatings and related coatings

Applicable product range of UV test:

Mainly used in automobiles Coatings, paints, printing and packaging, pigments, textiles, roof materials, rubber, plastics, coatings, etc.

UV test standard:

ISO 4892.3-2006; GB/T 16422.3-1997; ASTM G 154-2006; ASTM D 4674-2002

UV test process:

1. The applicant fills in the application form and provides product information and pictures;

2. Determine the test cost and cycle according to the product data provided;

3. After confirming the quotation, the applicant shall sign the service contract and pay the project cost, and send the test samples to the Chuangxin testing center;

4. Core testing tests the applied products according to relevant testing standards;

5. After the test is completed, the core test shall issue the test report;

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