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What is destructive physical analysis? What are the DPA test items?

Date:2021-07-29 15:40:00 Views:6254

DPA detection (destructive physical analysis) is the whole process of verifying whether the design, structure, material and manufacturing quality of components meet the requirements of the intended use or relevant specifications, sampling according to the production batch of components, dissecting the samples, and a series of inspection and analysis before and after dissection. It can determine whether there may be quality problems of component batches that endanger the use and lead to serious consequences. DPA technology is widely used in military and civil electronic components. It is of great significance in procurement inspection, incoming inspection and quality monitoring in the production process.

Relevant statistics show that the failure of electronic system is caused by the quality of electronic components, accounting for 60%. The quality problems of electronic components mainly include: peeling and corrosion of coating, crack of glass insulator, defect of bonding point, damage of bonding wire, corrosion of aluminum, chip bonding cavity, chip defect, chip contamination, passivation layer defect, chip metallization defect and surplus, Laser resistance adjustment defects, cladding cracks, false soldering of leads, lead damage, insufficient solder and poor adhesion of solder joints, ceramic cracks, open circuit of electrical connection of conductive adhesive, etc. all these can cause component failures, which come from defects in component design and manufacturing, and will cause quality problems of the system under the action of certain external factors, These quality problems seriously affect the reliability level of the whole system.


Object of DPA analysis

It covers all types of components, including integrated circuits, relays, diodes and triodes (five items of plastic packaging, seven items of plastic packaging, six items of air sealing, seven items of air sealing and nine items of air sealing), chip resistors, other types of resistors, chip capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, other types of capacitors, inductors and transformers, filters, connectors, switches, surface acoustic wave devices, crystal resonators Crystal oscillator, other categories.

Purpose of DPA analysis

DPA analysis technology can be widely used in the process of component production and after production to before the machine, so as to check whether the components have potential defects in materials, processes and so on. The details are as follows:

1. Determine the deviation between the design and process of the component supplier.

2. Put forward batch processing opinions for defective components.

3. Independently inspect and verify the supplier's component quality.

4. Can partially eliminate fake and shoddy products.

Common criteria for DPA analysis

GJB 4027a-2006 destructive physical analysis method for military electronic components

GJB 548b-2005 test methods and procedures for microelectronic devices

GJB 128a-97 test methods for semiconductor discrete devices

GJB 360b-2009 test methods for electronic and electrical components

Mil-std-1580-2003 destructive physical analysis of electronic, electromagnetic and electromechanical products

Mil-std-883h-2010 test methods for microelectronic devices

Mil-std-750d test method for semiconductor analytical devices

Main items of DPA analysis

External visual inspection

X-ray inspection

Particle noise PIND

Physical check

Air tightness check

Internal Vapor Analysis

Kaifeng decap

Internal visual inspection


Ultrasonic examination C-sam

Terminal strength

Pull test

Slice cross section

Attachment's strength

Integrity inspection for glass passivation

Sampling with microscope

Wire bonding strength

Contact check

Shear test

Significance and application effect of DPA analysis

In recent years, the extent of destructive analysis of electronic components in China has gradually deepened, and its application effect is also very obvious. The specific application effects are as follows:

1. The quality qualification rate of semiconductor devices has been significantly improved

Semiconductor materials are an important part of modern electronic products and have high application value. However, in the actual production, the quality problems of semiconductor devices are more prominent. With the help of the application of destructive analysis of electronic components, the quality problems of semiconductor devices have been comprehensively improved, and the qualification rate of semiconductor devices has been improved as a whole. Even if problems occur in some individual batches, there will be no quality problems such as 0 bonding and 0 lacquering.

2. The causes of quality problems of electronic components were found to be obvious

The quality problem of electronic components is the key to the application of electronic components. After the destructive analysis of electronic components, the comprehensive detection of electronic components can be completed. After the destructive analysis of electronic components, it is obtained that the unqualified rate of electrical components is mainly the internal unqualified rate, followed by the chip shear unqualified rate, and finally the inspection strength. These three problems are the key problems affecting electronic components, which can be obtained by means of the destructive analysis of electronic components. Therefore, targeted measures need to be taken, Reduce its interference to electronic components.

3. It can provide basis for device improvement and improve the overall quality

The detailed quality problem factors of electronic components can be obtained from the destructive analysis of electronic components. For example, based on the research and analysis of the above problems, the detailed problem information of electronic components can be obtained. According to the obtained information, the electronic component manufacturers can complete the overall improvement of electronic components, so as to avoid the occurrence of similar problems. After the application of destructive analysis of electronic components, it plays a positive role in improving the efficiency and qualification rate of electronic component manufacturers.

In order to improve the qualification rate and maintenance effect of electronic products, the electronic components can be dissected and compared with the design with the help of destructive analysis of electronic components, and then the test results can be obtained. According to the destructive analysis of electronic components, it can improve the overall performance of electronic components and promote the development of related industries.

Different from the post inspection of quality consistency inspection and failure analysis, DPA analysis technology aims to find the defects in the design, production and processing process. It can be widely used both in the production and processing process and in evaluating the quality level of components, especially in the monitoring of the production and processing process, It plays an irreplaceable role in improving the reliability level of components and parts by other test and inspection methods.