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What is CNAs certification? Purpose and significance of laboratory CNAs accreditation

Date:2021-09-27 14:36:50 Views:8146

CNAs is the English abbreviation of China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment. Its Chinese name is China National Accreditation Commission for conformity assessment. It is the only national accreditation institution approved and authorized by the national certification and Accreditation Administration in accordance with the regulations of the people's Republic of China on certification and accreditation. It is responsible for the implementation of all national accreditation activities, Including laboratory accreditation, inspection agency accreditation and certification agency accreditation activities.

Meaning: it is a national accreditation institution approved and authorized by the national certification and Accreditation Administration, which is responsible for the accreditation of certification institutions, laboratories, inspection institutions and other relevant institutions.

It is merged and reorganized on the basis of the former China National Accreditation Board (CNAB) and China National Accreditation Board for laboratories (CNAL).


Why CNAs accreditation of laboratories?

1. Enjoy national government subsidies;

2. External testing can be carried out;

3. Provide laboratory testing capability;

4. It can be used as a corporate image display;

5. Have the opportunity to become a member of the National Laboratory.

Basic conditions of CNAs application:

1. There are definite detection and inspection items;

2. There are standards that meet the detection and inspection items;

3. Have environment and equipment that meet the standards of inspection and testing items;

4. Have personnel who meet relevant inspection and inspection items;

5. In addition to the above points, the laboratory also needs to refer to CNAs related documents such as CNAs: cl01, CNAs: cl52 and application instructions in CNAs related application fields.

Significance of applying for CNAs laboratory accreditation:

(1) It indicates that it has the technical ability to carry out testing and calibration services according to the corresponding recognized standards;

(2) Enhance market competitiveness and win the trust of government departments and all sectors of society;

(3) Recognized by the national and regional accreditation bodies of the parties signing the mutual recognition agreement;

(4) Have the opportunity to participate in bilateral and multilateral cooperation and exchange of accreditation of international conformity assessment institutions;

(5) CNAs National Laboratory Accreditation Mark and ILAC international mutual recognition joint mark can be used within the scope of accreditation;

(6) Included in the list of approved authorized institutions to improve their popularity.

(7) Prove that its management level and technical ability have reached the international advanced level.

Main areas:

·Recognized by quality management system certification body;

·Recognized by environmental management system certification body;

·Recognized by the certification body of occupational health and safety management system;

·Recognized by food safety management system certification body;

·Recognition of software process and capability maturity assessment organization;

·Recognized by product certification authority;

·Recognized by organic product certification authority;

·Approved by personnel certification body;

·Accreditation of good agricultural practice certification bodies

The purpose of CNAs is to promote the construction of China's conformity assessment institutions in accordance with the requirements of relevant standards and norms, and promote the conformity assessment institutions to effectively provide services to the society with fair behavior, scientific means and accurate results. If you like this article, you might as well continue to pay attention to our website, and we will bring more wonderful content later. If you have any needs related to the inspection and testing of electronic products, please call Chuangxin testing, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.