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Analysis on Application of Electronic Welding Process for X-Ray Inspection of Components

Date:2022-11-21 17:38:37 Views:141

The detection of electronic components is actually the detection of electronic components and electronic devices. Electronic components refer to products that do not change their components during production and can work without energy, such as resistance, capacitance, etc. It mainly includes performance and appearance quality, which directly affect the reliability of SMT components. This paper collects and sorts out some materials, hoping to be of great reference value to all readers.

First, check the incoming components according to relevant standards and specifications, and pay special attention to whether the performance, specifications, packaging, etc. of the components meet the ordering requirements, product performance indicators and requirements. Whether the assembly process and assembly equipment production meet the storage requirements.


Solderability of component pins (electrode terminals) is the main factor affecting the reliability of SMA welding. The main cause of solderability problems is oxidation of component pins. As oxidation is easy to occur, to ensure the reliability of welding, on the one hand, measures must be taken to prevent parts from being exposed to the air for a long time before welding, and to avoid long-term storage. On the other hand, they must be weldable before welding. The original method of solderability testing is visual evaluation. The basic test procedure is to immerse the sample in the flux, remove and remove the excess flux, and then immerse it in the molten solder bath. When the immersion time reaches twice the actual production welding time, take it out for visual evaluation. This kind of test experiment is usually conducted by immersion tester, and the immersion depth, speed and immersion retention time of samples can be accurately controlled according to the regulations.

Surface mount technology is to mount components on the surface of PCB. Therefore, there are strict requirements for the coplanarity of SMT components and assemblies. In general, it must be within a tolerance of 0.1mm. The tolerance zone consists of two planes, one plane is the PCB welding area plane, and the other plane is the plane where the component pins are located. If the plane of the three lowest points of all pins of the component is parallel to the plane of the PCB welding area, and the distance error between each pin and the plane does not exceed the tolerance range, then it can be installed and welded. Please pull it out reliably, otherwise it may lead to welding failure, such as false feet or missing feet.

At present, all enterprises using high-precision mounting systems generally purchase X-RAY testing equipment, which can quickly, conveniently and quickly detect qualified components and eliminate unqualified components. There are many ways to detect defects in component pins. The most common method is to use X-ray testing equipment. High precision X-ray testing equipment can clearly see various situations of component welding.

X-ray radiography is easy to operate and intuitive to display. It is one of the most commonly used non-destructive testing methods in enterprises. Today's X-ray testing technology is widely used in SMT, LED, BGA, CSP flip chip testing, as well as in semiconductor, packaging components, lithium battery industry, electronic components, auto parts, photovoltaic industry, aluminum die castings, molding plastics, ceramic products and other special industries.

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