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What medicine is used to open the lid of IC? Identification of chip cover opening model

Date:2023-06-08 16:18:38 Views:1283

In the production and testing of integrated circuits, it is often necessary to open the IC cover for observation of the internal structure of the chip and maintenance of components. Opening a cover refers to the operation of replacing or adding components to an integrated circuit chip (IC), which usually requires the use of special tools and potions. When opening the cover, caution is necessary to ensure the safety and integrity of the chip. This article will introduce two aspects: what kind of potion to use for IC capping and the identification of chip capping model.

1、 What medicine is used for opening the IC cover

Commonly used potions include hydrofluoric acid (HF) and nitric acid (NH4NO3). Hydrofluoric acid is mainly used to remove the oxide layer on the surface of chips, making the chip surface smoother and easier for subsequent operations. Nitric acid is used to clean the surface of the chip, remove any residue, and keep the chip surface in a highly clean state.

When performing the opening operation, the model of the chip needs to be identified to ensure that the selected solution and operating steps are correct. This usually requires the use of special instruments and software for analysis and testing to ensure that the functionality and performance of the chip meet the requirements.

During operation, special care is required to avoid any damage to the chip. Hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid have strong corrosiveness and toxicity, so it is necessary to wear appropriate protective equipment and pay attention to personal safety. Meanwhile, during the operation process, it is necessary to avoid mixing these potions together to avoid dangerous chemical reactions.


2、 Identification of chip cover opening model

Before opening the cover, it is necessary to identify and confirm the chip model. The main methods are:

1. Chip Model Table

The chip model table is a basis compiled by the maintenance and development departments of various enterprises, and each chip model that needs to be repaired or tested will be listed on the table. When maintaining a certain chip model, simply search for the corresponding chip model table to find out the characteristics of each part of the entire chip.

2. Chip recognition tool

Chip recognition tool is a software tool that can identify and identify chip models based on the appearance, size, number of pins, and other characteristics of the chip.

3. Manual identification

Manual recognition is a commonly used method. This method requires visual display of the chip model, or the use of magnifying glass/microscope, computer-aided drawing, computer image processing, special software assistance, and other tools to identify and identify the appearance, size, number of pins, and other characteristics of the chip.

Before opening the IC cover, it is necessary to determine the specific model of the chip and select the appropriate cover opening tool and solution. At the same time, it is necessary to operate calmly and calmly to avoid chip damage caused by improper operation and ensure the safety and integrity of the chip. Chuangxin Testing is a professional testing institution for electronic components. Currently, it mainly provides integrated circuit testing services such as capacitors, resistors, connectors, MCU, CPLD, FPGA, DSP, etc. Specializing in functional testing of electronic components, appearance testing of incoming electronic components, anatomical testing of electronic components, acetone testing, X-ray scanning testing of electronic components, and ROHS composition analysis testing. Welcome to call, we will be happy to serve you!