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The original factory kept sending letters, and the price of power semiconductor increased intensively this month!

Date:2021-06-25 13:48:00 Views:1386



in the twinkling of an eye,2Half of 021 will pass, gohalf a yearIC. The overall shortage and price rise in the market continueSo what's the market like in the second half of the yearnamelyIndustryIssues of greatest concernhoweverJuneAgainMany original factories sent letters to raise pricesThere are many leading suppliers in various fieldsThis indicates that the shortage price rise will not stop in the short term


Recently, price increases have focused onMOSFETandIGBT et alautomobilePower semiconductor field widely used in industry。 Since the second quarter, the price of power semiconductor has continued to rise and the delivery date has also been lengthened. This month, it is because of the price increases of Infineon, Ansenmei and Anson semiconductor. All these signs indicate that the shortage and price rise of power semiconductors will continue.



Shortage of power semiconductors, increase in price and extension of delivery time


According to the market report updated by Fuchang electronics at the end of May, the original manufacturers such as Infineon, Ansenmei, Roma and Anson semiconductorMOSFET、IGBT materials were popular in the second quarterPrice increases,And delivery datecommonlyextendreach26-52周。 Power semiconductors are so tense that it is not difficult to understand that many car companies around the world interrupted production in the first half of the year. In June, many original factories sent letters to raise prices, and the market of power semiconductors is likely to reach a new height in the second half of the year.


Previously, the industry media disclosed that due to the implementation of Malaysia in JuneAccording to the "comprehensive action control order", Infineon's local factory is expected to lose capacity for 2-3 weeks, and is planning to increase the price of MOSFET by 12%。otherComprehensiveICIn the original factory,ST has completed the price increase this month, ansenmey's price increase will also take effect in July, involving a variety of automotive chips.


In addition to the international manufacturers mentioned above, the main products are diodesMOsfet and other productsAnson semiconductor, which also plays an important role in the car core market, also announced a price rise this month。 Following closely, BYD semiconductor also sent a letter to adjust the price, announcing that it would pay more for the product from JulyIPMandIPrice rise of GBT single tube productsNot less than5%。 Overseas power semiconductorGeneral riseThe power of domestic substitution in the electronic industry chain will inevitably increase。 Whether domestic original factories such as Shilan micro, jiejie micro power and Yangjie technology keep up is also the focus of market attention.


Talking about this roundIC. reasons for price increaseepidemic situationcauseMajor changes in the global industrial chain are fundamentalWhether it's money or watercausePrice rise of bulk raw materialsOr does the relationship between supply and demand suddenly turn to short supplyallwantTrace back to the epidemicsince this year on, the prices of materials such as upstream wafer foundry, sealing test and even photoresist are rising, and it has been determined that they will continue to rise in the third quarter. In addition, the epidemic affects Taiwan, Malaysia and so onImportant industrial land, will accelerate the market.


Specific topowerPrice rise of devicesAs early aslast yearThe early stage of the chip market in the second half of the year has been revealedIn the era, factories generally use production lines for logic chips with high gross profit,MThe capacity allocated to power devices such as osfet is reduced, overlayThe 8-inch mature process production line is a major problem that cannot be expanded for a long time, resulting in a structural shortage of device capacity. This year, the demand for new energy vehicles blowout, coupled with the epidemic repeatedly harassed important ICThe shortage of power semiconductors and the rise in prices have become more serious.



The car core market is difficult, but the turning point is imminent


stay2Half of 021The price adjustment is still not stopped after the original factory sends a letterSpecify this yearIC market will be shrouded in shortage and rising pricesCurrent roundThe chip market starts from the car core, and when it ends, we should seek the answer from the car core. Recently, experts from China Automobile Association have just given this interpretation to let the market see the hope of market calming.


According to the speech made by Ye Shengji, chief engineer and Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Association at the forum recently, the shortage of car cores reached the peak in the second quarter. It is optimistic that the supply interruption of car cores will begin to ease in the second half of the year, the impact is expected to be wiped out throughout the year, and the normal supply is expected to resume in the middle of next year. After the supply of car core is restored, other industriesIC supply will also return to normal by the end of next year


At present, there are some good signs, the most iconic of which is that the Japanese car core factory that caught fire in March will be opened at the end of this month"Full of blood" recovery. In addition, TSMC, liandian and other wafer foundries have also expanded investment and capacity. As a strong demand to replace consumer electronics, car core is the key area of investment of various factories. After enough core capacity is opened, the overall IC supply shortage will alleviate more than half of the problemFinally, the supply and demand of all industries will return to balance.


In short, although the epidemic is seriously disruptedIC. market supply and demand increase simultaneouslyPace,But it will not change its cyclical industryEssence. No matter how serious the current shortage of supply is, it will eventually be gradually digested by the expansion of production by various factories, but this process should be calculated in years. However, in the short term, the epidemic situation is still the primary factor determining market supply. The industry obviously does not want to see more epidemic attacks in the second half of the yearIC important industrial area, the shortage and price rise are serious. So far, the electronic industry chain can't afford more costs.