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What is the American military standard mil-std-810g? Certification and testing of military electronic products

Date:2021-08-04 13:19:26 Views:5832

Mil-std-810 is a series of environmental test standards designed by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for military products to test the reliability and durability of military products in a certain life cycle under a number of simulated harsh environments. This standard is also often used in general consumer electronics products to ensure that they can withstand the test in extreme environments and maintain the same performance. American Standard mil-std-810g certification test American Standard mil-std-810g does not refer to a test item. China's military equipment environmental test standard GJB150A is adapted based on American Standard mil-std-810g. It covers reliability tests such as climate environment and mechanical environment. It is more stringent than other common electronic equipment environmental tests iec60068 and GB / t2423.


The main users who meet the U.S. military mil-std-810g standard are military, police, telecommunications engineering, construction sites, outdoor measurement and other users who need to work outdoors. The working environment of these users is vulnerable to collision, rain, sand and dust, resulting in equipment damage. In addition to shockproof, waterproof, fall resistant and dustproof, it can also be installed in field vehicles. The standard has been widely used by military and police personnel in Europe, Japan, Singapore, Europe, Malaysia and other places.

The specific items are as follows (approved by CNAs):

Part 2: low pressure (altitude) test 500.4 low pressure (altitude)

Part 3: high temperature test 501.4 high temperature

Part 4: low temperature test 502.4 low temperature

Part 5: temperature shock test 503.4 temperature shock

Part 7: solar radiation test 505.4solar radiation (sunshine)

Part 8: rain test 506.4 rain

Part 9: Damp heat test 507.4 humidity

Part 10: mold test 508.5 fungus

Part 11: salt spray test 509.4salt fog

Part 12: sand and dust test 510.4sand and dust

Part 13: explosive atmosphere test 511.4 explosive atmosphere

Part 14: immersion test 512.4 immersion

Part 15: acceleration test 513.5 acceleration

Part 16: vibration test 514.5 vibration

Part 17: Noise test 515.5 acoustic noise

Part 18: impact test 516.5 shock

Part 20: artillery vibration test 519.5 gunfire vibration

Part 21: wind pressure test

Part 22: icing / freezing rain test 521.2icing/freezing rain

Part 23: tilt and sway tests

Part 24: temperature, humidity, vibration, and altitude

Part 25: vibration noise temperature test 523.2 vibro acoustic / temperature

Part 26: Fluid contamination test 504 contamination by fluids

Part 27: explosion separation impact test 517pyroshock

Part 28: acid atmosphere test

Part 29: Ballistic shock test 522ballistic shock provides many environmental and reliability tests such as light aging test, temperature and humidity test, gas corrosion test, mechanical vibration test, mechanical shock test, collision test and drop test, dust and waterproof test and packaging pressure test according to domestic and foreign standards, covering climate and environmental test Most items of mechanical environmental test and comprehensive environmental test can meet the requirements of various international and domestic environmental and reliability test standards such as GJB, GB, GB / T, IEC, ISO, en, mil, SAE, ASTM, ISTA, JIS, IPC, JEDEC, GM and Nissan, as well as the requirements of relevant military standards.

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