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Analysis and description of Xray radiographic testing application field

Date:2021-08-12 18:04:00 Views:2264

After nearly 100 years of development of original film X-ray photography technology, X-ray inspection technology has formed a relatively complete X-ray inspection technology system. In order to meet the requirements, new detection technologies are constantly innovated, and the application of Xray online detection technology is one of the best. It can not only detect invisible solder joints, such as BGA, but also qualitatively and quantitatively analyze the detection results, so as to find faults as soon as possible.

According to different methods of obtaining workpiece inspection images, X-ray inspection technology is divided into X-ray photography inspection technology and digital radiography inspection technology. X-ray radiographic inspection technology has a long history, mature technology and wide application, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of other radiographic inspection technologies. Digital ray detection technology mainly includes X-ray real-time imaging technology, X-ray tomography CT imaging technology, X-ray micro CT imaging technology, X-ray cone beam CT three-dimensional imaging technology and Compton backscattering Technology (CBS).


Application of X-ray in lithium battery industry

It can be seen from the internal structure of lithium battery that the cathode is encapsulated in the anode, and the isolation belt is used in the middle to prevent short circuit between anode and cathode. If the finished battery is used, the internal structure cannot be tested, so it is appropriate to use nondestructive testing equipment. The isolation status is ensured by detecting whether the cathode and anode are misaligned, which plays a vital role in the safety of subsequent lists.

Application of X-ray in semiconductor industry

At present, the common method of chip inspection is to peel the chip layer by layer, and then photograph the surface of each layer with an electron microscope. This detection method is very destructive to the chip. At this time, X-ray nondestructive testing technology may help. Electronic chip X-ray testing equipment mainly uses X-rays to irradiate the inside of the chip. Due to the strong penetration of X-rays, it can image after penetrating the chip, and the fracture of its internal structure can be seen at a glance. The main feature of using x-rays to test the chip is that there is no damage to the chip itself. Therefore, this testing method is also called nondestructive testing.

Application of X-ray in the field of public security

The public security checkpoint, a one-stop X-ray police checkpoint separated by people and vehicles, is a comprehensive inspection method, which is applicable to important traffic fortresses, border guards, customs, etc. after the vehicle license plate is recognized, the vehicle enters the X-ray detection area, the driver and passengers enter the nearby inspection port, put the items carried with them into the X-ray security machine, and the personnel pass through the metal security door, At the same time, the machine recognizes the face and compares the identity information in the database. Such a set of safety inspection operation ensures the safety of vehicles and passengers, and no matter how difficult it is to find prohibited articles, there will be no hiding.

X-ray detection technology images the internal structure of the object through the absorption difference of X-ray by different materials, and then detects the internal defects. It has been widely used in the fields of industrial flaw detection and detection, medical inspection and safety inspection.

1. It can be used to detect whether there are cracks and foreign matters in some metal materials and their parts, electronic parts or LED parts.

2. It can detect and analyze whether BGA and circuit board have internal displacement.

3. It can be used to detect and judge whether there are wire breakage and other defects in BGA welding, such as empty welding and false welding.

4. It can detect and analyze the internal conditions of cables, plastic parts, microelectronic systems, adhesives and sealing components.

5. Used to detect whether there are bubbles, cracks, etc. in ceramic castings.

6. Check whether the IC package is defective, such as whether there is layer peeling, fracture, gap, etc.

7. The application of printing industry is mainly reflected in whether there are defects, bridges and circuit breakers in the process of paperboard production.

8. In SMT, it is mainly to detect whether there is gap in the solder joint.

9. In the integrated circuit, it is mainly to detect whether there is open circuit, short circuit or abnormal connection in various connecting lines.

X-ray (x-xray) detector uses low-energy X-ray to quickly detect the tested object without damaging the tested object. Therefore, in some industries, the process of X-ray testing equipment testing is also called nondestructive testing. X-ray penetration generated by high-voltage impact target is used to detect the internal structure quality of electronic components and semiconductor packaging products, as well as the welding quality of various types of SMT solder joints. X-ray applications are everywhere. With X-ray detection equipment, our life and work will be more smooth and convenient.