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Application and advantages of visual inspection system in appearance inspection

Date:2021-09-30 13:42:44 Views:1703

In modern industrial automation consumption, appearance visual inspection equipment touches a part of a variety of inspection, measurement and identification applications, such as dimensional inspection of auto parts and integrity inspection of automatic assembly, electronic assembly line of automatic positioning components, beverage bottle cap for printing quality inspection, sign inspection and mobile phone back cover, Bar code and character recognition on product packaging. It is widely used in many fields because of its accuracy, repeatability, high speed, objectivity and low cost.

The application improvement of machine vision is mainly reflected in the semiconductor and electronic industries, of which about 40% - 50% are concentrated in the semiconductor industry. Details such as PCB printed circuit: all kinds of consumer printed circuit board assembly technology and equipment; Single, double-sided and multilayer circuit boards, copper clad laminates and required data and accessories; Auxiliary equipment and consumables, inks, potions and accessories; Electronic packaging technology and equipment; Screen printing equipment and screen surrounding information, etc. Surface mounting: SMT process and equipment, welding equipment, testing instruments, repair equipment and various auxiliary tools and accessories, SMT data, patch agent, adhesive, flux, solder and anti-oxidation oil, solder paste, cleaning agent, etc; Reflow welder, wave soldering machine and automatic consumer line equipment. Electronic consumer processing equipment: electronic component manufacturing equipment, semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturing equipment, component forming equipment, electronic tools and molds.

It integrates the technologies of optics, machinery, electronics, computer software and hardware, and touches many fields, such as computer, image processing, form recognition, artificial intelligence, signal processing, optical electromechanical integration and so on. Since its inception, it has a history of more than 20 years. Its function and application scope have been gradually improved and implemented with the development of industrial automation.


Visual inspection system can find the problem well

Machine vision detection equipment is actually a robot's machine vision. Usually, it uses our camera to complete a detection of the items we need to detect, so it will be affected by a certain light source. Under the action of some special light sources, it will form a certain strengthening effect on our image.

In this case, we can make good use of the detection machine to complete the size detection or defect detection of our tested object, so that we can complete the detection task that our naked eyes need to do for a long time in a very short time.

Moreover, through the visual inspection on this machine, we can also form the inspection map more professionally. In this way, we can further calculate and detect the results with the computer based on the graphics made by it, so as to realize the relevant inspection work.

If a serious problem is found, the system will automatically sound an alarm, so as to help our users quickly find the problem of the detected object in a short time.

Product visual inspection system can greatly improve the inspection efficiency of industrial production

In the past, the traditional product detection based on human naked eye vision not only took a long time and lost a lot of human eyesight, but also the detected quality was uneven, which could not be compared with professional equipment.

If we use professional visual inspection equipment, we can not only greatly reduce the detection time, but also make the detection effect more reliable.

In general, it will greatly improve the efficiency of our detection work.

Visual inspection system can detect small objects

Better machine vision detection equipment can complete good detection even for some small detection object parts. Especially in some industries with high requirements for product quality, this visual inspection equipment ensures the accuracy of our products and the inspection quality of products.

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