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November core information summary: the effect of "long and short materials" has intensified, and major mergers and acquisitions have attracted attention

Date:2021-12-10 15:06:00 Views:2686



Under the spring tide of lack of core,IThe hottest information in industry C every month is about shortage and price rise2Year 0211One month is no exceptionsame month, the market shortage, price increase and delivery period extension are still continuing, but the decline of the two major memories continues, causing the marketThe establishment of "long and short materials" will have a new impact on the market.


in addition1In January, industry mergers and acquisitions also attracted attentionNVIDIA and Samsung, two leading companies, are involvedFormer acquisitionThe process of arm has new variablesThe latter is due toIAs the target of M & A, DM large factory has attracted attention。 If the two enterprises can successfully complete their respective mergers and acquisitions, the impact on the industry is self-evident.



Wafer foundry components continued to rise, and the transaction was extended


11月Market shortage and price riseThe extension of delivery period continues.According to the component market report given by Fuchang electronics every month1January RezaInfineonNXPandMicrochip and other factories 8/32-bit MCUAnd the delivery date of vehicle materialsStill at a high level, generally at30-52 week level


As for those who have been seriously out of stock for several consecutive monthsST brandMCU, multiple series32位MCUVehicle useMCu cannot give delivery deadline for several consecutive monthsNow?SIn terms of T, the goods are shipped according to the quota


In addition to the aboveAt present, another major brand with the most serious shortage in the market isTI, its power managementIC shortage even affects the shipment progress of Apple's iPhoneSome reports quoted insiders as sayingcurrentTI order delivery date from30 weeks extended to40周, even50周


In terms of the original factory,1There were still official price increases in January, as follows:


ADIHe sent a letter saying that he would raise the price of some products12月Effective on the 5th,Its Meixin will also retain the information announced before the acquisition6%Price increase


Netcom chip manufacturerSilicon LabsIncrease the price of all undelivered ordersEffective November 28;


Taiwan systemIC design plantMediaTekIncreaseThe quotation of wifi-6 chip is about 20% - 30%;Realtek Raise the price of its products10%-15%;


HoneywellFor allSensor shipment order collection8% surcharge.


ToshibaOptocoupler price increaseEffective from January 1, 2022


Reasons for price riseThe original factory is generally interpreted as rising costs, most of this comes from wafer foundry.11月Among the wafer foundry, liandian continues to raise prices, and there were two price increases in a month.


11月In the middle of the year, it was reported that the chip design industry disclosed that liandian would raise its price in the first quarter of next year10%。 oneEnd of JanuaryLiandian was targeted againThe price of American major customers increased by about8%-12%。 At present, the American customers of liandian mainly include AMD, Qualcomm and tI, NVIDIA, etc.


It is worth mentioning thatLiandian's price rise to American customersThe time point coincided with the end of many years of patent disputes with micronReach a settlementBased on the current foundry capacityoflack, instead of going to court, Meguiar might as well settle with liandian, so that it can not only obtain some settlement funds, but also ask liandian for more production capacity to produce more memory control chips.



The rise of storage is alleviated and compared with other components


In contrast to the continuous rise in the market of wafer OEM components, the memory market has been depressed in the second half of the year1This trend continued in January


According to the statistics of flash market network,DRAMquotationThe whole line has fallen since the second half of the year, the decline of each subdivided variety was10% - 30%Some varieties even fell below the price a year agoas forNAnd flashAndDRam similarBoth are in a downward trend in the second half of the year, even spit back all the gains in the first half of the year.


The trend of memory and OEM components is high and lowIn sharp contrastThe former is short of capacityThe latter is well suppliedTo form"Long and short material" pattern. When the short materials are not in place, the terminal enterprises will reduce their ability to pull goods for long materials such as memory, so as to avoid excessive inventory accumulation and occupation of too much working capital, which also makes the demand for long materials such as memory lower and lower, and its price is difficult to turn down and rise.


Outlook for future memory marketIt's falling through completelyafterThere will be a reboundBut under the long and short material effectThe market demand for memory will not increase, the overall decline is still irreversible.


From the market as a whole, the negative effects brought by long and short materials have been fully revealed. Now the market urgently needs to expand the production of short materials to end this wave of core shortage. This year's major wafer foundryIDM factory capitalhaveProduction expansion planTime points to the year after tomorrowIt can be seen that the complete end of the spring tide of core loss is not a short timeThere is still a difficult time to go through in the future



YingweidaAnd Samsung have their own acquisitions, but the prospect is unpredictable


11月, there are also hot spots in the acquisition of semiconductor industry, involving two leading enterprises. Let's look at NVIDIA acquisition firstArm, the acquisition is now closely watched by three antitrust regulators in the UK, the United States and the European Union. The focus is that the acquisition of arm will cause NVIDIA to form an industry monopoly.


After a long time of indecision, NVIDIA acquiredArm has become a protracted war. It has been unable to obtain the permission of national regulators for a long time, and the probability of failure is becoming greater and greater. upperend of month, the report points outNVIDIA let it outexpressAcquisitionArm's failure will cost US $1.25 billion, which is equal toAdmitted the possibility of failureIn sharp contrast to the previous information


Another big factory that came out of acquisitionIt's Samsung. At the end of the month, it was reported that Samsung intended to use its cash reserves of more than $100 billion to acquire or take shares in one or more international semiconductor giants, includingTIRezaNXP and Infineon, etcAnd these companies are all customers of TSMC.


Samsung's semiconductor businessIncluding wafer foundry and memoryhavePowerful opponentIt is impossible to achieve leapfrog development by competing with it. But Samsung through the acquisitionIDM big factory expands its strength, I'm afraid there is no reason to convince national regulators. Moreover, in the style of Samsung, the acquisitionIDMAfter a large factory, it will cut all its products into its own production line. At that time, TSMC will certainly be the first to refuse.


On the whole1Two major mergers and acquisitions worthy of attention in JanuaryOne has tended to failI'm afraid I can't start the other oneThe core reason is that the monopoly dispute is too big, it is difficult to convince antitrust authorities and other enterprises in the industry.



11月Other important events in the industry


Qorvo acquires SiCPower semiconductor enterpriseUnitedSiC

Bosch plans to invest next year400 million euros to increase chip capacity

TSMC has decided to build new plants in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and Japan

Samsung decides to build a new plant in Texas

BOE began toOLED screen for iPhone 13

Jiangsu Huacun12 nm process SSD master chip successfully streamed

SMIC personnel changesInvolving Jiang ShangyiLiang Mengsong and other senior executives

Samsung electric began to supply appleM1 fc-bga packaging substrate for chip

Apple pushes self-developed baseband, plansReplace Qualcomm products in 2023

Murata Thailand's new plant starts to expand multi-storey productionMLCC

Texas Instruments plans to build a new one next year4 12 inch plants

Changguang Chenxin push49 megapixel 8K sensor chip

Infineon NEWCEOnext yearTook office on April 1

A fire broke out in Fengtang plant of Chaozhou Sanhuan group at the end of the month