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Can't the chip burning program burn in? Cause analysis of bad burning

Date:2021-12-27 13:57:58 Views:7247

Some engineers probably have no problem burning chips in the R & D and testing stage, but once they enter mass production, the production department will frequently feed back the poor burning of chips. What is the reason? Can't the chip burning program burn in? The following mainly introduces the cause analysis of poor burning.

A chip is a processor in which all components are miniaturized into one or more integrated circuits. An integrated circuit that can receive coded instructions at one or more ends, execute the instructions and output signals describing its state. These instructions can be input, centralized or stored internally. Chip work requires a program. The process of storing the program in the chip is chip burning.

Most of the previous ICs were fixed function ICs [dedicatedid], so if designers design a circuit board, they must use a variety of different fixed function ICs. For a large number of manufacturers, they need to prepare many types of ICs. Since the emergence of burning IC, designers can burn it into ICs with different functions as long as they prepare one IC. The material preparer can purchase only one IC, which is convenient for material preparation, But you need to prepare a burner to burn it.

The common idea must be to look at:Whether there is a defect rate in the batch chip itself;Test whether the burning equipment is normal.

If these two problems are not found, many novice engineers will have a slight headache. Why can't my chip work normally and the mass production equipment is also the equipment used for R & D and testing?


Because there are several hidden problems that are often ignored:

1. Although the mass production burning equipment is consistent with the equipment in the R & D and testing stage, do they all use the original simulator? Or other special burning equipment not suitable for mass production?

It should be noted here that for burning a chip, the special mass production burner / programmer can realize one key operation, is suitable for mass production, is suitable for factory personnel with weak foundation, and can ensure the yield of mass production. The original simulator is for R & D, and the operation process can not be so simple. It may need to operate the upper computer button every time, or connect and burn again. These processes increase the human possibility of operation error.

Secondly, the feedback of the emulator burning results is not obvious, which may be the printed string, or the buzzer, light signal, etc. for the actual production personnel in the factory with weak professional knowledge, there is the possibility of making mistakes due to lack of understanding of the principle. Finally, the emulator is not a mass production equipment and does not guarantee the yield.

2. If the selected burner / programmer is mass-produced and there is no problem, is it online burning? Or zuoka? If a programmer adapter / chip clamp is required, is there a maintenance problem with the clamp? What is the current life of the fixture?

This is often overlooked. If the equipment is already a mass-produced programmer and the previous burning is normal, it is necessary to see how long your burning fixture, that is, the commonly referred to burning seat, or the programmer adapter has been used, and how many times the burning fixture has been used, that is, its service life, However, at present, most domestic manufacturers do not provide the operation manual or maintenance documents of professional burning base / fixture to customers, and it is difficult to download the corresponding online. The specific description of the number of times is even hazy, which also leads to many bad burning problems that cannot be judged. Many minor faults such as poor contact are caused by the burning base.

Therefore, the first time a problem occurs, you can query and confirm how many times the burning seat has been used and look at the service life. Statistical data will be provided for professional mass production burners. If the number of times of burning is close to the service life of the burning base, it is necessary to check whether the contact between the fixture of the burning base and the chip pin is damaged due to frequent chip taking and placing collision or uneven pressing force. Most small problems come from here. The simplest test method is to change another burning base for comparative test, which can quickly locate the problem.

Other possible bad burning conditions also include the incompatibility between the upper computer software of the programmer and the chip, and the need to update the firmware package. These will continue to be discussed later. Finally, remind all engineers that the burning seat should pay attention to maintenance. Refer to the maintenance and operation manual of the standard programmer adapter of the regular company, and use pressure aids such as pressure rods if necessary, Maximize the service life of the burning base.