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What is the secondary screening of electronic components in electronic product quality testing?

Date:2022-11-23 15:26:59 Views:79

The testing and screening service of electronic components is also called the secondary screening of electronic components. The secondary screening of electronic components refers to the screening of electronic components by the user or its entrusted third party on the basis of the screening of component manufacturers. Secondary screening is a series of targeted tests based on various failure modes of electronic components, so as to effectively eliminate early failures. Due to the current situation of the design, manufacturing and process of electronic components in China, as well as many uncontrollable factors in the purchase of imported components, the secondary screening of electronic components has become an indispensable part in stimulating potential design and production defects of electronic components, effectively eliminating early failure products, and improving the reliability of the entire system.

The testing of electronic components runs through the "secondary" screening of products in the product design, component selection, component reception and selection in the production stage, and product delivery stage. Try to eliminate the defective components that are caused by potential adverse factors such as raw materials, equipment, processes, and human factors, or components that may fail early, and select qualified components with certain characteristics or determine whether the batch of products are acceptable, so as to improve the reliability of product use. Especially for imported components, ensure that the product quality is controllable through "secondary screening", Improve the overall reliability of equipment.

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Necessity: The primary screening items and stress conditions carried out by the component manufacturers can hardly fully meet the needs of equipment development. Imported components are usually industrial grade or low-grade products, or even counterfeit and shoddy products, which are difficult to ensure quality and reliability.

Objective: Try to eliminate the defective components caused by potential adverse factors such as raw materials, equipment, process, environment, and human factors, or components that may fail early, and select qualified components with certain characteristics.

Meaning: After the screening of components, the reliability level of batch use of products has been significantly improved. Under standard working conditions, the product failure rate can be reduced by half to two orders of magnitude, generating considerable economic benefits.

Features: 1. Non destructive test without changing the inherent reliability of components; 2. 100% screening of batch products; 3. Eliminate early failure products and improve the reliability of components; 4. The screening level is determined by the expected working conditions and service life of components.

Application scope of secondary screening of components

The secondary screening (or supplementary screening) is mainly applicable to components under the following four conditions:

1. The component manufacturer has not conducted "primary screening", or the user has no specific understanding of the "primary screening" items and stresses;

2. The component manufacturer has conducted "primary screening", but the "primary screening" items or stresses cannot meet the user's requirements for component quality;

3. Special screening items that are not specified in the product specifications of components and whose manufacturers do not have screening conditions;

4. Components that need to be verified if the component manufacturer has conducted "primary screening" according to the requirements of the contract or specification or if the effectiveness of the manufacturer's "primary screening" is in doubt.

The secondary screening (supplementary screening) of components in the above three cases a, b and c is difficult to be replaced by other measures. For case d, in addition to secondary screening (supplementary screening), measures such as supervising the "primary screening" of component manufacturers can also be taken to replace the secondary screening (supplementary screening).

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