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How to handle the quality inspection report of electronic products? Third party test report

Date:2022-11-24 17:11:22 Views:605

The quality inspection report is a written report that reflects the quality of products and projects after the quality inspection and quality supervision of products and projects are carried out according to the requirements of standardization and analysis and research. It is the result of quality inspection and the carrier of quality information feedback. In economic activities, it has become a management means to control the quality, a basis for maintaining the normal economic order of society, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of users and implementing arbitration. The third party inspection report is the result obtained through the quality inspection of products and equipment to ensure the product quality system standard.

What is the third-party test report

The third-party inspection report, also known as the quality inspection report (also known as the type inspection report), refers to the quality or safety inspection or some performance inspection of products according to the e-commerce implementation rules, supermarket requirements or testing requirements, and requires customers to provide national standards or inspection requirements. If the customer does not have the specified standards and requirements, the test shall be determined according to the purpose reported by the customer. Generally speaking, there are many test standards for quality inspection reports, and the test standards for quality inspection reports of each product are different. For example, the standard of lamps is GB7000, the test standard of household appliances is GB4706, the standard of IT information technology is GB4943, the standard of AV video is GB8898, and so on. If the product standards are different, such as electric wheelbarrow, thinking car, balance car and other standards are GB17761. Therefore, the standard needs to be determined according to the product.


How much is the cost, validity and period of the test report?

The cost is related to the test products, test items and test qualifications. Different test products have different corresponding test standards and different tests. Whether they have test qualifications or not, the test costs will not be different. In addition, the test cost of full inspection and partial inspection of the test standard is different, so these problems must be understood before testing. How long is the test report valid? On this issue, we mainly focus on test products and inspection standards. Generally speaking, as long as the test is not updated, the test unchanged detection report is always valid. However, under special circumstances, if it is used for e-commerce platforms, they generally only approve it within one year. So this depends on the requirements of the platform or the buyer. How long will the test report take? Look at the test items. If there are many test items, it will take a long time. The test project is complex and takes a long time.

Third party quality inspection report handling process:

1、 The staff shall determine the testing items and costs.

2、 Express samples or send samples directly to the laboratory.

3、 Fill in the commissioned test application form and arrange the payment.

4、 The laboratory arranges tests and issues draft reports.

5、 After confirming that the report is correct, the official report shall be provided to the customer.

Inspection Basis of Quality Inspection Report - Standard of Inspection Basis: the standard is mandatory or recommended; It can be national standards, industrial standards, local standards, enterprise standards or product technical conditions. General supervision and spot checks are mostly based on national mandatory standards and some industrial standards. Entrusted inspection can adopt either the above standards or enterprise standards. Some newly developed products can be inspected through the "Product Technical Conditions". For customized export products, they can also be inspected according to the technical requirements specified in the contract.

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