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Overseas customer visits, professionalism wins trust, and global layout of Chuangxin Testing accelerates progress

Date:2024-03-08 16:14:00 Views:510

With the increasingly fierce global market competition, product quality has become the core competitiveness of enterprise survival and development. The Chuangxin Online Testing Center continuously updates its testing technology while actively expanding overseas markets, thereby attracting numerous overseas customers to visit and negotiate business.

海外客户来访,专业赢得信赖 创芯检测全球化布局加速推进

Recently, multiple overseas clients visited the laboratory for visits and exchanges. Under the guidance of Mr. Ding Xiangdong, the laboratory manager, and Mr. Tang Kang, the deputy manager, we visited various areas of the laboratory to gain a preliminary understanding of the basic layout and functional division of the laboratory.

海外客户来访,专业赢得信赖 创芯检测全球化布局加速推进

During the visit, the two leaders introduced the relevant qualifications of the laboratory to everyone, showcased a series of advanced methods and testing processes such as X-ray testing, ultrasonic scanning, IC authenticity testing, failure analysis, and functional testing, and patiently answered various questions.

海外客户来访,专业赢得信赖 创芯检测全球化布局加速推进

The relaxed and professional interactive atmosphere and rigorous work attitude have provided customers with a more intuitive understanding of Chuangxin Testing Laboratory. And left a deep impression on the comprehensive strength of laboratory hardware configuration, facility environment, testing capabilities, quality management, and other aspects. They have expressed confidence in our services and look forward to establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships in the future.

Under the wave of globalization, Chuangxin Online Testing Center will continue to provide higher quality testing services to new and old customers with professional technology and comprehensive services, actively aligning with international standards.