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Introduction to the role and application of X-rays in failure analysis

Date:2024-05-13 17:18:15 Views:110

With the continuous complexity of chip structures, the failure of chip products in development, production, and use has become an inevitable challenge. Failure analysis plays a crucial role in solving these problems, and X-ray testing, as a conventional and effective analytical method, plays a crucial role in failure analysis.

1、 X-ray testing is a non-destructive analysis method that uses X-ray to examine chip components. It can not only detect packaging conditions without damaging the chip, but also deeply observe the internal structure and reveal possible problems of the components. Through the collision of high-energy electrons generated by cathode ray tubes with metal targets, X-rays display the internal structure of the tested object in the form of images, providing intuitive and comprehensive information for failure analysis.


2、 The application scope of X-rays

1. Testing metal materials and components: discovering cracks, foreign objects, and other issues.

2. BGA and internal displacement detection of circuit boards: observe for component displacement.

3. BGA welding defect analysis: detecting welding problems such as empty welding and virtual welding.

4. Testing of cables, plastic components, and microelectronic systems: Revealing the internal structural situation.

5. Detection of bubbles and cracks in ceramic castings: Defects found in ceramic products.

6. IC packaging defect inspection: identification of issues such as layer peeling, bursting, and voids.

7. Application in the printing industry: detection of issues such as poor alignment, bridging, and open circuits.

8. SMT solder joint inspection: Check for any voids in the solder joints.

9. Integrated circuit detection: Open circuit, short circuit, or abnormal connection found in the connecting circuit.

3、 The X-ray testing follows a series of industry standards, including IPC-A-610 and GJB 548B, to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the testing. 4、 The role of X-rays in failure analysis is crucial throughout the entire failure analysis process. It provides key information required for failure analysis, including component packaging, bubbles, welding anomalies, grain size, etc. By forming images, X-rays make positions that cannot be visually detected clear and visible, helping engineers observe and analyze problematic areas inside.

X-ray testing technology can not only help verify product quality, but also achieve 100% online testing in the semiconductor field. With the continuous updates of semiconductor technology, X-ray detection technology is also developing towards high precision and intelligence, keeping up with new trends and requirements in the semiconductor industry.

In summary, X-rays play a crucial role in failure analysis, providing engineers with powerful tools to identify the root cause of problems and develop targeted improvement or preventive measures. The application of X-rays not only improves the efficiency of failure analysis, but also promotes continuous innovation in technology in this field.