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Share now! Complete IC chip detection methods and guaranteed component quality

Date:2021-07-16 14:25:07 Views:2117

IC chip (integrated circuit) is an integrated circuit formed by a large number of microelectronic components (transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc.) IC chips on a plastic base to make a chip. Now almost all the chips we see can be called IC chips. Chips play an important role in our daily use of computers, mobile phones and other modern electronic equipment. We can imagine the importance of IC chip quality. However, in the face of very realistic shapes in the market, we can't distinguish IC chips with defective internal structure with the naked eye. The following is a complete collection of IC chip detection methods, hoping to help you.

1、 Board inspection method:

1. Observation method: whether there is burning, burning, blistering, broken line on the board surface and socket corrosion.

2. Meter measurement method: whether the resistance of + 5V and GND is too small (below 50 ohms).

3. Power on inspection: for the broken board, slightly increase the voltage by 0.5-1v. After startup, rub the IC on the board by hand to make the faulty chip heat up, so as to perceive it.

4. Logic pen check: check whether the signal at each end of IC input, output and control pole is strong or not.

5. Identify major work areas: most boards have clear division of labor in areas, such as control area (CPU), clock area (crystal oscillator) (frequency division), background picture area, action area (people, aircraft), sound generation and synthesis area, etc. This is very important for the in-depth maintenance of the computer board.

2、 Troubleshooting method:

1. According to the instructions of the manual, first check whether there is a signal (wave type) at the input and output terminals. If there is any input and no output, then check whether there is a control signal (clock) of the IC. If there is any, the IC is very likely to be broken. If there is no control signal, trace it to its previous pole until the damaged IC is found.

2. Do not remove the found from the pole temporarily. The same model can be selected. Or the IC with the same program content is carried on the back. Start up and observe whether it gets better to confirm whether the IC is damaged. 3. Find a short route by tangent and jumper method: if it is found that some signal lines are short circuited with ground wires, + 5V or other pins that should not be connected to multiple ICs, cut off the line and measure again to judge whether it is an IC problem or a board wiring problem, or borrow signals from other ICs to weld them to ICs with wrong wave pattern to see whether the phenomenon picture is getting better and judge the quality of the IC.

4. Comparison method: find a good computer board with the same content and compare and measure the pin wave pattern and number of corresponding IC to confirm whether the IC is damaged.

5. Test IC with ictest software in microcomputer universal programmer (all-03 / 07) (expro-80 / 100, etc.).

立刻分享!IC芯片检测方法大全 元器件质量有保障

3、 Computer chip disassembly method:

1. Foot cutting method: it does not damage the board and cannot be recycled.

2. Tin dragging method: solder full tin on both sides of the IC pin, drag it back and forth with a high-temperature soldering iron, and lift out the IC (vulnerable plate, but the test IC can be preserved).

3. Barbecue method: barbecue on alcohol lamp, gas stove and electric stove. After the tin on the board melts, the IC is produced (not easy to master).

4. Tin pot method: make a special tin pot on the electric furnace. After the tin melts, immerse the IC to be removed from the board into the tin pot to remove the IC without damaging the board, but the equipment is not easy to manufacture.

5. Electric hot air gun: use a special electric hot air gun to remove the chip and blow the IC pin to be removed to pull out the IC after tin melting (pay attention to shake the air gun when blowing the board, otherwise the computer board will be blown and blistered, but the cost of the air gun is high, generally about 2000 yuan). As a professional hardware maintenance, board maintenance is one of the very important items.

How to judge which component has a problem? The main causes of mainboard failure are:

1. Human fault:

The I / O card is inserted and dialed with power, and the interface and chip are damaged due to improper force when installing the board card and plug

2. Poor environment:

Static electricity often causes breakdown of chips (especially CMOS chips) on the motherboard. In addition, the chip near the power supply plug of the system board is often damaged when the motherboard encounters power damage or peak pulse generated by the instantaneous grid voltage. If the motherboard is covered with dust, it will also cause signal short circuit, etc.

3. Device quality problems:

Damage caused by poor quality of chips and other devices. First of all, dust is one of the biggest enemies of the motherboard. It's best to pay attention to dust prevention. You can gently brush off the dust on the motherboard with a brush. In addition, some cards and chips on the motherboard use pin forms, which often have poor contact due to pin oxidation. Remove the oxide layer on the surface with an eraser and plug it in again.

I believe that by reading the above content, we also have a preliminary understanding of IC chip testing. Chuangxin testing can undertake a variety of testing projects such as electronic component testing and verification, IC true and false identification, product design and material selection, failure analysis, function testing, factory incoming material inspection and tape braiding, and can help you complete the testing items according to your needs.