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What are the popular third-party testing items? Standard Specification for component testing

Date:2021-07-19 13:06:00 Views:1969

The third-party testing organization, also known as fair test, refers to an object other than two interrelated subjects, which we call the third party. Common electronic components include signal amplifiers, receivers, capacitors, adapters, power lines, converters, data connecting lines, network cables, circuit boards, resistors, triodes, connectors, diodes, etc. core detection always adheres to the purpose of "professionalism, authority, efficiency and innovation" and spends a lot of money to purchase international advanced detection equipment, In strict accordance with international testing standards and methods, the test has obtained CNAs certification and international mutual recognition qualification. The customer base covers many countries and regions at home and abroad. It is a professional IC testing institution with excellent quality and high popularity in China.

Popular test items:

    component analysis

Content determination, content detection, material identification, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, foreign matter, precipitate, unknown, liquid, solid, solvent, powder, particle

    Formula analysis

Formula restoration, formula R & D, formula process, formula testing, sample debugging and production guidance

    instrumental analysis

Mass spectrum analysis, chromatographic analysis, spectral analysis, scanning electron microscope, energy spectrum, differential thermal analysis, nuclear magnetic resonance, HPLC detection and other tests

    Detection of hazardous substances

Microorganism, heavy metal, ROHS, reach detection, melamine, hormone, pesticide residue, animal residue, aflatoxin detection, toxicology detection, VOC, TVOC, etc

    failure analysis

Fracture, crack, fracture, circuit board, components, plastics, metal materials, capacitors, welding, etc

    elemental analysis

Metal elements, non-metallic elements, heavy metals, precious metals, ions, elements, rare earth elements, radioactive elements, nutritional element selenium, etc

    Physical and chemical test

Purity, concentration, hardness, moisture, ash, pH value, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, viscosity, flash point, thermal conductivity, viscosity, close reading, appearance, etc

    Performance test

Mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties, optical properties, environmental protection properties, thermal properties, mechanical properties, electrical properties, etc

    Hot test

Salt spray test, aging test, pull-out test, tensile test, high and low temperature test, EMC test, tensile test, etc


Testing standards for electronic components:

GJB 548a test methods and procedures for microelectronic devices

Gjb597a general specification for semiconductor integrated circuits

GB / t6798 basic principles of test methods for voltage comparators for semiconductor integrated circuits

Semiconductor devices -- Discrete devices -- Part 8: field effect transistors

GB / T 4023 semiconductor devices: discrete devices and integrated circuits Part 2: Rectifier Diodes

GB / t2693 fixed capacitors for electronic equipment Part: General specification

GB / t5729 fixed resistors for use in electronic equipment Part: General specification

GB / T 2423.11 environmental testing for electric and electronic products - Part 2: Test methods Test FD: broadband random vibration - General requirements

GJB 360a test method for electronic and electrical components

GJB 1420a general specification for semiconductor integrated circuit enclosures

GJB 128A test method for semiconductor discrete devices

GJB 3157 failure analysis method and program for semiconductor discrete devices

GJB 3233 failure analysis program and method for semiconductor integrated circuits

GJB 548b test methods and procedures for microelectronic devices

GJB 5914 destructive physical analysis method for military semiconductor devices of various quality levels

Gjb128a semiconductor discrete device test method 1071 seal

Semiconductor devices -- integrated circuits -- Part 2: digital integrated circuits

Semiconductor discrete devices and integrated circuits -- Part 7: Bipolar Transistors

Gjb360b test methods for electronic and electrical components temperature shock test

The above is the whole content of "what are the popular third-party testing items? Standard specifications for component testing". I hope it will be helpful to you! Our company has dozens of professional engineers and industry elite teams, and has three standardized laboratories with an area of more than 1000 square meters. It can undertake a variety of test projects such as electronic component test and verification, IC true and false identification, product design and material selection, failure analysis, function test, factory incoming material test and tape weaving.