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The memory market has turned upside down and the price has risen!

Date:2021-03-05 10:53:00 Views:2642

According to recent media reports, memory is returning to the price increase mode. From December last year to January this year, the varieties with the most increase have reached 30%. According to the market website data, the prices of various memory modules and memory particles began to rise in early December, and there is still no intention to stop.


Looking back on recent events in the memory industry, in early December, Meguiar's Taiwan plant suffered a power trip accident and lost some production capacity. Since then, Samsung and SK Hynix did not like the memory price hovering low for a long time, so they reduced their capital expenditure and shifted resources to other businesses. A series of events have strained market expectations and worried about the reduction of supply. As a result, the willingness to prepare goods has increased rapidly, setting the tone for the market.


On the demand side, the recovery of consumer electronics, 5g hardware, automotive electronics and other markets, coupled with the inherent demand for medical equipment, has kept the overall demand for memory high. Many changes in the industrial chain have turned memory from oversupply to oversupply. With the development of the market situation, I'm afraid the gap between supply and demand of memory will widen in the future, and the possibility of rapid rise is increasing.


Fortunately, the memory price has been depressed in the past two years, so even if it rises in the short term, it can not be compared with the price peak in previous years. After all, the acceptance capacity of the downstream of the industrial chain is limited. During this period, all kinds of IC prices are crazy. If the memory rises again, it will be a fatal blow to the electronics industry. This is also a scene that the original factory, module factory and distributor don't want to see.