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Shenzhen Futian Customs seized a large number of infringing circuit boards, totaling more than 390000

Date:2021-03-05 11:12:00 Views:2433

According to the wechat platform of the General Administration of Customs & ldquo; Customs release & rdquo; According to the news released on the 10th, the brand owner confirmed that a batch of 391500 printed circuit boards previously seized by Futian customs under Shenzhen Customs in the freight export channel infringed the & ldquo; RU” Exclusive right to use trademarks.




Source: issued by customs


Since the carrier company was unable to provide relevant qualification certificates for authorized production and sales, the customs immediately contacted the obligee for verification, and then confirmed by the obligee that the above goods were infringing products. At present, the case is handled by the customs disposal department.


Recently, the electronic product infringement cases disclosed by the customs are more than this one. On January 5, the General Administration of Customs published the news. On December 31, the customs of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge under Gongbei Customs filed a case for investigation on a batch of suspected infringing integrated circuits declared for export.


On December 26, a Wuxi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. declared a batch of goods such as integrated circuits to the customs of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge under Gongbei Customs. During unpacking inspection, the customs officer found that the batch of integrated circuits had & ldquo; ANALOGDEVICES” There are 17500 marks in total, with a value of 7.4612 million yuan. The owner is unable to provide legal authorization certificate.


The on-site inspection customs officer preliminarily determined that the goods were suspected of infringement, so he started the intellectual property customs protection procedure and contacted the obligee to confirm the right. On December 30, the obligee confirmed in writing that the goods were suspected of infringing its & ldquo; ANALOGDEVICES” Exclusive right to use trademarks. At present, the Customs has detained the goods involved for further investigation.


The customs reminded that production enterprises and trading enterprises engaged in import and export business must establish the awareness of illegal risk of intellectual property infringement, respect intellectual property rights, earnestly enhance the awareness of law-abiding, and do not import and export infringing goods.