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Innovative online price index: a real-time online tool for purchasing managers to grasp the supply and demand price trend of components

Date:2021-03-05 11:15:43 Views:3574

On December 17, 2020, Beijing innovation Online Network Technology Co., Ltd. officially launched the "innovation online price index"( https://icpi.ic.net.cn )Online real-time service. It is a real-time online tool for purchasing managers to grasp the supply and demand price trend of components. It is to further create a core ecosystem centered on big data application based on the purpose of "core" service.


The innovative online price index integrates the inventory information and transaction big data of its IC trading network and icgoo platforms, and is updated daily and can be queried at any time according to the collection practice of international component procurement supply and demand data. It not only covers the prices of tens of millions of components and models commonly used in the world, the inventory data of platform suppliers and the models hot searched by users, but also helps procurement managers find suitable suppliers.


Ma Xinning, general manager of Beijing innovation Online Network Technology Co., Ltd., said, "the innovation online price index is the link between demand and supply, the search index represents demand, and the inventory index is the supplier's stock reflection of demand." IC trading network has more than 10000 members, who release spot inventory, order and quotation information on the platform. The platform has established a set of certification system for high-quality suppliers who operate original genuine products and spot inventory and have a good reputation, and its standard has become an industry benchmark. Certified suppliers must upload real self owned inventory data and voluntarily cooperate in random inspection. With more than ten years of continuous improvement of the certification system and strict quality control, we have established a safe and reliable supply chain platform. "Members of IC trading network radiate hundreds of billions of yuan of component transactions. We sort out these real data and give them back to members and end customers, so that big data can benefit procurement and market forecasting activities." Ma Xinning added.


Icgoo is an innovative online fast trading platform with an annual trading volume of nearly 2 billion yuan. Some data of the innovation online price index are collected from icgoo real-time transactions to objectively and truly reflect the transaction price. "At present, our trading data is dominated by European, American and Japanese brands. Next, we will quickly increase the trading volume of domestic components and provide more comprehensive supply, demand and price data for purchasing managers." Ma Xinning outlook.


For the service attributes of the innovation online price index, Ma Xinning stressed: "We have a professional team of analysts who regularly analyze and interpret the data and accept customized market research projects. We hope that by innovating the value experience of the online price index, we can promote the suppliers of the platform to more actively update the inventory and price data, continuously improve the accuracy of the price index and make the statistical data and research reports consistent with international practices The special research report formed by professional data such as price, demand and delivery can effectively support platform suppliers to do business more easily ".


"There are many price trend analysis reports in the industry, but the real-time cloud price index is rare. Compared with the cloud price trend, the price of end customers may have a time difference and may not be adjusted synchronously. However, from the innovative online price index, we can understand China's local demand and price trend, which is of great reference value for formulating our procurement strategy. Especially what we are doing This is a very important reference data when dealing with some sluggish inventory, "said Bao Sanhua, purchasing manager of Foxconn Technology Group.


As a senior member of IC trading network ICCP, Shenzhen Ruifan Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. has cooperated with IC trading network for more than 18 years. From initial independent distribution to today, it takes MCU as the main axis and "integrates spot trade and brand agency mode" to provide customers with product support such as Nuvoton, HDSC, Eastsoft, St, Winbond and PI. Fu Shufan, general manager of the company, said, "we grow together with the IC trading network, strictly abide by the platform certification rules, and become an influential mixed distributor in the industry. We hope that the innovative price index can guide us to control the procurement demand, and also hope that the price index can support end customers to make good use of the supplier resources of the platform.


Ma Xinning said that the users of the innovative online price index are procurement managers in the procurement link from end customers, industry university research institutions and channel providers. The innovation online price index can also meet the needs of media and industry analysts. You are welcome to consult and make an appointment for the innovation online price index research report at any time.


The innovation online price index is a set of price system data based on the online transaction of components, which can reflect the period price, shipment, inventory preparation and market demand. It is a necessary cloud component procurement tool for procurement managers. It can not only provide the price of a product model, but also formulate procurement strategies according to the ratio between market demand and inventory. The price system corresponds to the international component supply and demand data, and is suitable for purchasing managers to import international purchasing management processes. The price index will extend to the demand, delivery and price changes of technical solutions and modules to support component selection and design innovation.


About innovation Online


Secure supply chain, making component trading easy! Innovation online is an electronic component trading service platform to ensure safety and quality. It is committed to the construction of trusted supply chain and promote the development of production service industry. It has formed a trading radiation capacity of hundreds of billions of yuan per year. Through a professional and rigorous certification system, we provide real and effective component supply information for procurement managers and R & D managers. Our services cover all links from the original factory to the terminal manufacturer, and comprehensively support the harmonious relationship between R & D, production and channels. Guided by AI big data technology, innovation online provides price index and scheme design trend report, guides industry procurement managers to effectively predict the relationship between supply and demand, and guides R & D managers to replace and optimize products.


About IC trading network( https://www.ic.net.cn )


More than 20 years of focus, casting reliable core ecology! IC trading network is the builder of the supply chain ecology of trusted devices to ensure that the original products of the original manufacturers and agents enter the trading channel. Through the rigorous certification system, give the purchasing manager real and reliable transaction information. We have 500000 users from all over the world, with millions of daily inquiries and hundreds of billions of yuan of component transactions every year. With more than 20 years of big data accumulation, it can provide the supply and demand data analysis such as transaction price, spot inventory and technical scheme trend to the procurement manager, so that the channel partners and terminal manufacturers can effectively predict the supply and demand relationship and optimize the supply chain combination.


About icgoo( https://www.icgoo.net )


At the beginning of its establishment, icgoo focused on providing procurement services for small quantities of electronic components to ensure timely delivery. For more than ten years, we have maintained close cooperation with world-class excellent online suppliers, actively expanded original channels at home and abroad, and promoted product substitution and design optimization. Icgoo focuses on building a broad and comprehensive product line. The existing data covers nearly 3000 original manufacturers around the world, with more than 80 million effective product data. It can provide memory, embedded processors, analog and hybrid devices, logic and interface circuits, clock / timing, power management, RF / wireless, special IC, optoelectronic components, passive components, interconnection devices, electromechanical components, And various development tools. After more than ten years of development, icgoo has gradually become a leading electronic industry service platform in the industry, which can provide customers with connection services from R & D to production, including SaaS R & D and procurement management tools, technical support and scheme optimization.