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The importance of acoustic scanning microscopy examination

Date:2024-05-24 11:20:32

With the continuous advancement of technology, acoustic scanning microscopy (AFM) plays an increasingly important role in scientific research and engineering. AFM, as a high-resolution and highly sensitive microscope, has many unique advantages and has been widely used in materials science, biology, nanotechnology and other fields. View >>

Drop test methods and test conditions for electronic products

Date:2024-05-24 11:20:07

The drop test is mainly used to simulate the free fall that a product may experience during transportation, and to examine the product's ability to withstand unexpected impacts. The drop height is usually based on the weight of the product and the likelihood of it falling as a reference standard. The falling surface should be a smooth, hard and rigid surface made of concrete or steel (if there are special requirements, it should be determined according to the product specifications or customer testing specifications). View >>

Common semiconductor device screening projects

Date:2024-05-23 14:57:50

The reliability and performance stability of semiconductor devices are key to the success of electronic products. Due to the wide variety of semiconductor devices and the existence of various products in the market, a series of screening is required when purchasing. This article will introduce the main screening items of semiconductor devices, helping readers better understand how to choose semiconductor devices that are suitable for their needs. Whether considering performance indicators, reliability, cost, or supply chain, the correct screening method can ensure that we choose the most suitable semiconductor devices to meet our practical application needs. View >>

Issues to be noted in secondary (supplementary) screening of electronic components

Date:2024-05-23 14:57:35

Secondary screening of electronic components is an important means of testing the batch qualification rate and quality consistency of components. By secondary screening of components, it is possible to ensure that the quality and performance of the product meet expectations. When conducting secondary screening of components, we need to pay attention to some issues to avoid potential quality issues and production delays. This article will explore several key issues that need to be noted in the secondary screening process of electronic components. View >>

Analysis of Packaging Drop Test Items and Handling Standards

Date:2024-05-22 13:55:32

Packaging drop test is an important means of evaluating the impact resistance of packaged products during transportation and handling. This article will introduce the items and processing standards of packaging drop testing to help readers understand how to correctly conduct packaging drop testing and ensure the safety of products during transportation. View >>

Why do electronic products need to undergo safety testing?

Date:2024-05-22 13:55:12

Safety Compliance Testing, also known as product safety testing, is the process of testing and evaluating the safety performance of a product. The main purpose is to ensure that the product does not cause harm or danger to users, the environment, or other equipment under normal usage conditions. These tests are conducted to verify whether the product complies with relevant international, national, or regional safety regulations and standards. View >>

Introduction and Application of Three Comprehensive Test Standards

Date:2024-05-20 13:56:12

Three comprehensive tests refer to the comprehensive testing of multiple aspects of a certain product to evaluate its performance and reliability. These aspects may include mechanical performance, electrical performance, environmental adaptability, etc. The purpose of the three comprehensive tests is to verify the working condition and reliability of the product under various conditions, to ensure that the product meets relevant standards and regulatory requirements. View >>

Methods and precautions for high and low temperature testing of circuit boards

Date:2024-05-20 13:55:56

The high and low temperature testing of circuit boards is an important step in evaluating their reliability and performance under extreme temperature conditions. This article introduces the basic principles, methods, and precautions of high and low temperature testing for circuit boards, in order to help readers understand how to conduct effective high and low temperature testing to ensure the reliability and stability of circuit boards in various environments. View >>

What are the testing standards and methods for HAST testing?

Date:2024-05-17 11:06:30

HAST test is an accelerated aging test method conducted under high temperature and humidity conditions, aimed at simulating the working state of electronic products in harsh environments, evaluating their reliability and lifespan. This test method is widely used in the research and development, production, and quality control processes of electronic components and equipment. This article will focus on introducing the testing standards and methods of the HAST experiment, so that readers can understand the basic principles and operating procedures of the experiment. View >>

Standard for high and low temperature alternating humidity and heat testing of electronic appliances

Date:2024-05-17 11:06:19

Electronic appliances often face various extreme environmental conditions during use, among which high and low temperature alternating humid and hot environment is an important testing indicator. In order to ensure the reliability and stability of electronic appliances in harsh environments, a series of high and low temperature alternating humidity and heat testing standards have been developed. These standards aim to simulate temperature and humidity changes in the real world to evaluate the performance and durability of electronic appliances under different working conditions. In this article, we will explore the importance of high and low temperature alternating humidity and heat testing for electronic appliances, as well as related standards and testing methods. By gaining a deeper understanding of these testing standards, we can better understand the performance of electronic appliances in harsh environments and provide strong support for product design and quality control. View >>