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Slice test

Description: Sectioning technology (English name: Cross-section, X-section) is the most commonly used sample preparation analysis method for observing the cross-section structure of samples.
Slicing analysis technology is often used in manufacturing industries such as PCB/PCBA and parts. It is usually used for quality determination and quality abnormality analysis, inspection of circuit board quality, PCBA soldering quality inspection, finding reasons and solutions for failures, and evaluating process Improvement, as a basis for objective inspection, research and judgment, is also one of the commonly used methods for chip failure analysis.

Slice analysis steps:

Sampling  cleaning  vacuum mounting  grinding  polishing  micro-etching (if necessary)  analysis (OM observation, SEM observation, EDS analysis, EBSD analysis, etc.)

Slice test picture :

Slice test

Picture of slice test equipment :

Slice test