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X-Ray inspection


X-ray inspection is a fast and effective non-destructive method used to analyze internal defects in samples. It utilizes high voltage impinging on a target to generate X-ray penetration to inspect electronic components, the internal structure of semiconductor packaging products, and the soldering quality of various types of SMT solder joints.

X-ray inspection primarily inspects the internal wafers, bonding wires, substrates, adhesives, and encapsulating materials of the chip. It can also detect various abnormal phenomena such as wafer cracks, voids in adhesives, die attach fillet, wire bonding radian, foreign objects in encapsulating materials, tilting and soldering of internal components in modules, ESD damage, etc. Customers can provide original samples or good chips for inspecting the consistency of the internal chip.

Our Strengths: We employ high-precision equipment, offer fast turnaround times, and possess extensive testing experience.

Images of X-Ray Inspection:

Image of X-Ray Inspection Equipment: