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IC Counterfeit Test

 IC (Integrated Circuit) refers to a chip made by putting many microelectronic components (such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc.) integrated integrated circuits on a plastic substrate. Broadly speaking, the concept of IC chip is a general term for semiconductor component products.


    In 2010, due to various factors in the financial market, the domestic IC market and some mainstream IC products have been in short supply since the end of 2009 and the production lines of most manufacturers have stagnated. Due to this phenomenon, a large number of IC terms have appeared in the domestic IC market: bulk new goods, refurbished goods, original goods with original characters, and brand-new original goods.


    Bulk new goods: There are two types of bulk new goods. One is the goods that have not been QC and entered the market. The yield is not very high. The other is unused and has no outer packaging. Oxidized goods.


    Refurbished goods: This kind of goods passes through some domestic companies that only seek profit margins. The goods returned from various channels are tapped and typed according to model and package, and replaced with a new batch number. And the other is the most terrifying one for purchasers, which is to encapsulate a certain IC with the same model, but not the same brand or IC with the same function. After typing and refurbishing, copy the model. This kind of goods will Purchasing factories has brought great losses.


    Original goods: This kind of goods, to put it bluntly, is to disassemble the parts. There are some IC chips that are simple in packaging and can be repeatedly erased. They can be removed by dismantling and exiled to the market for a second time. Goods, the price is generally cheaper.


    Brand-new original goods: Needless to say, this kind of goods are all products that the original factory has passed QC certification and entered the market. Generally, the price may be a little higher, but the quality is definitely up to the standard.

   IC true and false identification picture:

   IC true and false identification